Sunday, 31 March 2013

Yesterday! Let's meet again girls!

Hola everybody~~

I have some of best friends in my life. We have become friend since we’re in junior high school. When we were still in the same school, we could easily to talk each other and have a gossip time after the school’s over. But when we entered to the university, we are separated by the different campuses and our campus tasks. So we didn't have a lot of time to gathered anymore. But we still have a chat in virtual world ^^

Finally we could have a gathered again after a long time. Although there’re not all of our members gang could join in the gathered, we still had a funny time together yesterday...

We started the day in Pizza Hut. We had a lunch together in there. It’s like usual, we started to talking with our old school. It’s like a habit when we gathered, we always talk about our life in junior and senior high school and wonder how our school now. My friends who still study in my senior high school told that the school is quite different now. It will be very happy if our school becomes better now, but it’s not. My friends told that the school decreased now. Something that previously may not be allowed becomes allowed now. Actually I was not really shocked about that. Because I've been expecting since my little brother out of the school (note: I have studied in the same school with my siblings).

Then we talked about something funny... then about our campuses and study...and how our life now. It’s really fun when I can talk about my life with my beloved best friends ^^

We didn't forget to take some photos of that day to help us remembering our time together. We took the photos on the book store (it’s really embarrassing when stranger looked to us... but, we still did it hahaha) and when we had a seats on the food corner. Then we took a photos in the new shop. The shop advertised its products by provide free photos.

So these are some of the photos hahaha...~

My friends in the book store... you're really crazy girls hahaha ^^

Sometimes I make a weird position...-____- 
I really want to go to Japan!!! 

With my friends~~ I will miss you, Nijio~~ TT^TT

Smile~~ friends ^^

So that's it... hahaha
Looks I put so many photos in this post hahaha. 
See you guys~

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