Sunday, 31 March 2013

Yesterday! Let's meet again girls!

Hola everybody~~

I have some of best friends in my life. We have become friend since we’re in junior high school. When we were still in the same school, we could easily to talk each other and have a gossip time after the school’s over. But when we entered to the university, we are separated by the different campuses and our campus tasks. So we didn't have a lot of time to gathered anymore. But we still have a chat in virtual world ^^

Finally we could have a gathered again after a long time. Although there’re not all of our members gang could join in the gathered, we still had a funny time together yesterday...

We started the day in Pizza Hut. We had a lunch together in there. It’s like usual, we started to talking with our old school. It’s like a habit when we gathered, we always talk about our life in junior and senior high school and wonder how our school now. My friends who still study in my senior high school told that the school is quite different now. It will be very happy if our school becomes better now, but it’s not. My friends told that the school decreased now. Something that previously may not be allowed becomes allowed now. Actually I was not really shocked about that. Because I've been expecting since my little brother out of the school (note: I have studied in the same school with my siblings).

Then we talked about something funny... then about our campuses and study...and how our life now. It’s really fun when I can talk about my life with my beloved best friends ^^

We didn't forget to take some photos of that day to help us remembering our time together. We took the photos on the book store (it’s really embarrassing when stranger looked to us... but, we still did it hahaha) and when we had a seats on the food corner. Then we took a photos in the new shop. The shop advertised its products by provide free photos.

So these are some of the photos hahaha...~

My friends in the book store... you're really crazy girls hahaha ^^

Sometimes I make a weird position...-____- 
I really want to go to Japan!!! 

With my friends~~ I will miss you, Nijio~~ TT^TT

Smile~~ friends ^^

So that's it... hahaha
Looks I put so many photos in this post hahaha. 
See you guys~

Saturday, 30 March 2013

~Simple Kusudama~

Yo everybody...

The weather is just getting worse in here. The sun was shining so bright until I could feel the sun stabbed my skin a whole day. It made my body was sweating nonstop. And I cannot stand of this situation because my body will smell like sweat and sun. It’s really not fresh. And my cloth will be very wet because of sweat. What a bad situation -___- 

That's why I prefer rain than sun... 

By the way...

I'm going to share something to you about my simple kusudama. Finally I made two paper balls (kusudama). I read the instruction from my old origami book which is bought by my father when he had been in Japan for study. It's really simple and I'm sure that you can make it easily just by reading once. I use my favorite papers which have two different patterns on the back and front side. I just need six origami papers then make a flowers of this papers. After that I add glue to stick the first paper with the second paper and so on until I stick all the flower papers. 

I'm quite satisfied with the results...^w^

Oh ya... you can search the instruction video on youtube. Just type 'kususdama', you will find a lot of kusudama with different kinds. So let's make some kusudama again ~~ \(^0^)/

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Neko, neko...!

I tried to fold a cat from paper yesterday, and I became addicted with it! They are so adorable! Let's take a look the results~ 

The cats and stars~ 

Yellow and purple~ they are very close to each other ^^

Gold wants to steal my lunch!! I forget to feed him with his favorite food...TT___TT gomen ne

My paper collection...

Yo, everybody! How’s your day?

I’m going to share my paper collections now. As you know, I've been interested in origami since the beginning of this year. I started to searching paper in good quality and beautiful patterns. But, I’m still not succeed to find A4 papers with different pattern for the back and front side. I really want to get this kind of papers. If you know where I can get this kind of papers (in Jakarta region), please tell me ^^

So these are my collections...

My best friend gave these to me as my birthday presents. I was really happy at the time. She knows that I love origami and vigorously seeking for a good paper. I've already used two kinds of papers, the left and the top. These three kinds of papers are really cute. I like the colors of the left papers, it's really sparkling and we can make many cute stars ^^. I used the papers on the top side to make some cute cats. And as I imagined about the results, the cats are really adorable ^^ 


These're just an ordinary papers but really comfortable to use ^^ and very cheap of course

Then for the paper box I use these papers...

This brand offer so many different colors for the  paper. I don't have all of the color but I almost collect all of the colors hehehe ^^. I like green, blue and purple... really sweet

And the last...

I usually leave something that I really love at the last. Yes, this is my favorite paper. Because it has different pattern for the back and front side ^^. It's really gorgeous, isn't it?

Monday, 4 March 2013

Alice Nine's [Daybreak]: Awesome as usual!

Hey yo Guys!
Long time no write something in here... I got a lot of tasks so I need more time to focus in those -__-

I wanna tell you about my feeling of Alice Nine's new single, Daybreak. Have you seen the video? If you're a big fan of Alice Nine, I think you have already watched it ^^. I really love both of the song and the video. The song is really beautiful even though I don't know the meaning of the lyric yet. But, I think the lyric is really as beautiful as the landscape of the video. I really hope that there are people who post about the lyric translation of this song. 

And the video...
They look so awesome in this video, aren't they? I think the cameramen has successfully took the beautiful view of their movement. I love the way they move their body follow the rhythm. it looks like that they really feel the song (of course! they are the creator of the song!). The wind blow their hair perfectly and the sky's really cool. This video is really awesome...

The most important is... Tora is very cool in here (hahaha). I think he looks better in short hair than long hair. Short hair makes Tora looks more cool, younger and perfect! I really hate when he grows his hair too long, because it makes Tora looks really old. Ehm... well, I admit that I like his long hair on RAINBOW and NUMBER SIX. But I think he better go away from making an intention to lengthen his hair now... It's just my opinion about what hair style Tora should has. I know many women like Tora in long hair. But in the end, there's just Tora who can choose what hair style he wants. I just can opine...

i still love them... Tora, Shou, Saga, Hiroto and Nao, whatever style they choose. Because  the reason why I still love Alice Nine is their songs which successfully color my days since seven years ago, today and for the next day which I will face... So, it's not just you guys who grow up from the presence of your fans , but your songs also make me grow up. Thank you...