Sunday, 21 April 2013

My Origami Key Chain Product~

Next month, I am going to sell something for entrepreneurship day in my campus. My campus's going to make an exhibition on 6 May (if I'm not wrong) and everybody who enter the entrepreneurship class should make a business plan and sell our product on that day. It's really interesting and I like it. I planned to make a food which made of pasta. But decided to make something different and special after I rethinking about my business plan. I am going to sell key chains which made of origami paper (^w^)

My lecturer has ever said that we can sell a product which is inspired by our hobbies if we want to be an entrepreneur. So I decided to make cute origami key chains on the entrepreneurship day. The idea's based on simple flower origami kusudama form. One day, I asked my best friends about this idea and they gave me good responses about it (>w<). They said that it will be very unique if I can make it happen (^w^). I immediately discussed this idea with my partner and she agreed about it. So I started to make some samples to be presented in front of my class on the next week. 

These are two of my origami key chain photos (^w^). Please give your comment...~

I hope my origami key chain will be loved by many people \(>w<)/

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A Plan for My Future...

Last month, my older sister and my mother asserted that I must enter to higher education. Because (as has been said by my lecturers), it's not enough for us who take psychology field if we don't continue our study to graduate school. In my country, we can be a psychologist if we finish our graduate school and get the permission to be psychologist...

I have already known about it. And I have already planned to continue my study before my family asserted me to take graduate school. But... my older sister didn't discuss it in the right time. She tried to push me and encourage me to continue my study to graduate school when I wasn't in good feeling about my study. I was very bored and a little felt depressed about my study. So when she tried to encouraging me, I was just be quiet and listened to what she said to me. And my mother, ehm....maybe she knew about what I felt at the time, so my mother just said something slowly and didn't push me like my older sister did. 

I knew that I must continue my study. But I need a break time. So when my sister finished, I said that, "I know that I have to enter to graduate school. But I want to have a break time for a year... I have already planned that I want to take a Japanese course first for a year, then I will back to university to finish my graduate school...". 

I didn't ask about their permission. It's a statement... and I think that's a perfect time to tell to them about my plan...

After they heard about my statement, they appreciate it and  didn't reject it...

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Alice Nine: SHADOWPLAY (just my opinion~)


Alice Nine’s successfully kill my soul by their song, SHADOWPLAY! I've already realized that SHADOWPLAY’s really an awesome song. I didn't really like the video clip (but I immediately fall in love with the song) at the first time I watched it, but now I’m really crazy about it (>w<). The room of the video looks so wide but they don’t walk surround the room and they just stand together in the one spot throughout the video clip. Nao and his drum are positioned on the high place and the rest of the members are standing around Nao. I don't know why they decided to create a video like that... I feel empty and alone inside the dark box.

Their faces, they don’t show any happy faces. There’re full of sick, sad, miserable and helpless faces in this video. It’s just my opinion for this video, I don’t know the meaning of this song yet so if my opinion’s wrong... I’m sorry, it’s just what I feel and think (^w^).

I love the part while Tora and Hiroto’re doing a guitar duet. They are really perfect and awesome! When I close my eyes and hear the guitar sound, I can feel that it’s really tricky to play a series of tone like that. But when I open my eyes and watch that part, they (Tora & Hiroto) don’t look exhaustion. And.... I just can say, “GOD DAMN IT! YOU BOTH ARE A&@#^W&#@E)(&^S}{12*#*O^&%M!%#&E!!!”.

So... I think both of song and video are really perfect. I love this song so much \(>w<)/


Note: Tora’s hair looks really soft.... I lost -____-“