Sunday, 21 April 2013

My Origami Key Chain Product~

Next month, I am going to sell something for entrepreneurship day in my campus. My campus's going to make an exhibition on 6 May (if I'm not wrong) and everybody who enter the entrepreneurship class should make a business plan and sell our product on that day. It's really interesting and I like it. I planned to make a food which made of pasta. But decided to make something different and special after I rethinking about my business plan. I am going to sell key chains which made of origami paper (^w^)

My lecturer has ever said that we can sell a product which is inspired by our hobbies if we want to be an entrepreneur. So I decided to make cute origami key chains on the entrepreneurship day. The idea's based on simple flower origami kusudama form. One day, I asked my best friends about this idea and they gave me good responses about it (>w<). They said that it will be very unique if I can make it happen (^w^). I immediately discussed this idea with my partner and she agreed about it. So I started to make some samples to be presented in front of my class on the next week. 

These are two of my origami key chain photos (^w^). Please give your comment...~

I hope my origami key chain will be loved by many people \(>w<)/

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  1. Waa I loved your kusudama keychains! They are so kawaii (*´・v・) ~ I'll try to make some as a gift for my friends.