Saturday, 23 February 2013


I remember what I feel when I fall in love for the first time...
I cannot take my eyes on him,
I always pay attention to his movements,
When he laughs I also chuckle behind my book,
When he is sad I just want to stand beside him and pat his shoulder gently...
But for of all, my heart will beat faster than usual when I see him.
Is it love? Or just a flavor that will quickly pass. But I still can feel the same feeling of him, so maybe it’s love...

It's a strange feeling, but I want to enjoy and feel it everyday...
and I don't want to lose it...

A few minutes ago, I folded some heart shapes from papers. It's cute I think ^^. I watched the video on youtube and I think it's really easy to make a heart shape from paper...

Have you ever tried to make it? if you haven't done it... hurry up and make it. Your love letter will be so adorable if you add love paper on it ^^

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Daybreak. Alice Nine's song (is awesome!)

Are you a fan of Alice Nine? 
Have you already seen the 90 seconds preview video of their new single, Daybreak?
If you haven't seen it, you should open your laptop and search it now! 
hahaha... because this video's really awesome! 

I watched the preview video yesterday. I was speechless at the time. That's really awesome! They line up in a desert and played the song in there. The wind blow their  hair. The wind makes Tora's hair lifted and shows Tora's forehead. I think he looks more awesome in short hair than in long hair. And when he shows his forehead, it makes Tora looks more awesome (^w^). Besides that, the effect of the sun and the clear sky are very cool. I love the location which they choose to take the video. I'm really excited to watch the full version video... 

How do you think?
It's awesome, isn't it? (^w^)

I heard that the other song of the single is named 秘密 (means Secret). Sounds it will be an interesting song. And I wonder it will be a sexy sad love song... hahaha

Monday, 18 February 2013

Cute Basket!

Yo! 皆さん!ひさしぶりですね

Have you ever tried to make a basket from paper?

If you haven’t done it... don’t delay and do it as soon as possible! Because you will have a super cute basket (>w<)

I have downloaded a video how to make an aster basket. I watched it once and I immediately took a huge paper and made it after I finished watching the video. The video that I have downloaded was really great. It showed me every steps and showed the difficult parts clearly...

(you can watch the video by clicking this link-->

My first result was not good enough...

There is a wrinkle part on the top of the basket and I made a whole somewhere...

But if I didn't try to make it again, I wouldn't have a super cute basket on my room...

I’m really satisfied for my second result. I used a different kind of paper. Compered with the first paper, I prefer to the type of second paper. Because the paper’s stronger than the first paper... and I like its cute pattern.

I’ll show you my second result~

You can also add ribbon or star or something else that you like to make your basket more cute~

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Cute Boxes... (I'm addicted to make it...)

Yo! Everybody...

I haven’t written something in here since long time ago... and I still didn't get any comments. Maybe I should more active to write in here and share to my friend that I have a new blog (I don’t think that I can tell all of my friends about this blog. Because I don’t want to my old friends know about it...).

So... I have folded some cute boxes. I download the tutorial video which is created by a couple weeks ago. It was really tricky to make the box for the first time. I had to repeatedly folded a certain part. Sometimes I made the paper become tangled. I still did these mistake on the second trial. But I can remember all of the steps and make a box faster than before now. So now I have five cute boxes on my desk. You can put some small stuffs inside the boxes. I have already put some of my accessories like necklaces, rings and hairpins and also paperclips. But I still have an empty box because I don’t have something to put inside that box. I will keep it until I find some small stuffs for it.

These boxes are really cute. You can stick some stickers on the boxes to make it’s more cute. You can put something small inside the box. You can put the paperclips, candies, hair tie and everything... So why you don’t try to make it!

If you become interested with it, you just have to click the link below to see the video... 

Let's try to make it guys!