Monday, 18 February 2013

Cute Basket!

Yo! 皆さん!ひさしぶりですね

Have you ever tried to make a basket from paper?

If you haven’t done it... don’t delay and do it as soon as possible! Because you will have a super cute basket (>w<)

I have downloaded a video how to make an aster basket. I watched it once and I immediately took a huge paper and made it after I finished watching the video. The video that I have downloaded was really great. It showed me every steps and showed the difficult parts clearly...

(you can watch the video by clicking this link-->

My first result was not good enough...

There is a wrinkle part on the top of the basket and I made a whole somewhere...

But if I didn't try to make it again, I wouldn't have a super cute basket on my room...

I’m really satisfied for my second result. I used a different kind of paper. Compered with the first paper, I prefer to the type of second paper. Because the paper’s stronger than the first paper... and I like its cute pattern.

I’ll show you my second result~

You can also add ribbon or star or something else that you like to make your basket more cute~

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