Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Daybreak. Alice Nine's song (is awesome!)

Are you a fan of Alice Nine? 
Have you already seen the 90 seconds preview video of their new single, Daybreak?
If you haven't seen it, you should open your laptop and search it now! 
hahaha... because this video's really awesome! 

I watched the preview video yesterday. I was speechless at the time. That's really awesome! They line up in a desert and played the song in there. The wind blow their  hair. The wind makes Tora's hair lifted and shows Tora's forehead. I think he looks more awesome in short hair than in long hair. And when he shows his forehead, it makes Tora looks more awesome (^w^). Besides that, the effect of the sun and the clear sky are very cool. I love the location which they choose to take the video. I'm really excited to watch the full version video... 

How do you think?
It's awesome, isn't it? (^w^)

I heard that the other song of the single is named 秘密 (means Secret). Sounds it will be an interesting song. And I wonder it will be a sexy sad love song... hahaha

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