Friday, 3 May 2013

- Shooting Star by Alice Nine (Just my opinion...) -

I've already watched and enjoyed Alice Nine new song, Shooting Star. It wasn't like my imagination. I thought this MV would be full of happiness and excited things. But, I didn't find those things in this song. I don't know the meaning of this song yet... So, this post is just my opinion based on what I saw and felt about this song ^^

I didn't react like my friend when she watched it at the first time. She confessed that she cried. I didn't cry at the first time I watched Shooting Star mv and I didn't want to cry. What I felt just the void and loneliness. Like something or someone that very precious to me has taken away by destiny. I stared my laptop screen without saying anything. After the video was end, I just sighed and laid down my head to the desk. This song's really... I don't know, it's very different. It doesn't like Daybreak which can make me feel so enthusiastic and it doesn't like Shadowplay which can make feel pain in heart.  

This song is really good...

By the way, let's move to the mv (^v^)

I really love the Shooting Star mv. Because... it's really like the mv of Ruri no Ame \(>w<)/. It has been a long time after they released Ruri no Ame, and I really love Ruri no Ame video clip. I wished that they will make this type of video clip. And finally they released Shooting Star video clip which has type of video clip same as Ruri no Ame. I'm so happy \(>w<)/. Because I like see their face when express the song without playing their instrumental tools (laugh)

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