Wednesday, 8 May 2013

☆彡 Traditional Lotus Flower ☆ミ

I present to you this wonderful origami

It’s origami traditional lotus flower. The video’s created by Origami Maniacs. You can find this wonderful video on youtube or visit the Origami Maniacs blog...

It has been a long time since the last I folded the papers without being under pressure -____- I really enjoy this time. I found the traditional lotus flower video yesterday on youtube. I watched it first to decided that I need to download it or not. The music on the video really makes me relax, I ended up watching the video until the end. And I decided to download this video...

I have already tried to folding it and it’s really easy ^^. I suggest that you have to open all the papers slowly, because I ripped two parts of the flower (laugh). I am so excited to complete it quickly hahaha....

But, I really satisfied with my result and plan that I should make it again in the different color ^^


素敵な夢を見てね。。。 (>w<)

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