Saturday, 30 March 2013

~Simple Kusudama~

Yo everybody...

The weather is just getting worse in here. The sun was shining so bright until I could feel the sun stabbed my skin a whole day. It made my body was sweating nonstop. And I cannot stand of this situation because my body will smell like sweat and sun. It’s really not fresh. And my cloth will be very wet because of sweat. What a bad situation -___- 

That's why I prefer rain than sun... 

By the way...

I'm going to share something to you about my simple kusudama. Finally I made two paper balls (kusudama). I read the instruction from my old origami book which is bought by my father when he had been in Japan for study. It's really simple and I'm sure that you can make it easily just by reading once. I use my favorite papers which have two different patterns on the back and front side. I just need six origami papers then make a flowers of this papers. After that I add glue to stick the first paper with the second paper and so on until I stick all the flower papers. 

I'm quite satisfied with the results...^w^

Oh ya... you can search the instruction video on youtube. Just type 'kususdama', you will find a lot of kusudama with different kinds. So let's make some kusudama again ~~ \(^0^)/

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