Friday, 11 January 2013

Welcome Home♥

I couldn't resist my self to not bought comic today!!!

Today after I finished my exam in college, I sent a message to my mother that I was on the way to home. But my mother and my elder sister went to Lotte Mart (A huge supermarket that sell anything). Mom suggested me to followed them. Mom explained to me how to go to Lotte Mart by angkot (a public transportation that use a usual car). But I couldn't understand about her explanation. So I decided to waiting them in Tamini Square.

So I went to Tamini alone 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。(hiksu). When I got there, I immediately took the money on ATM. I had not eaten anything since in the morning, I decided to get a lunch in a cheap restaurant (yaa... you know that I don't have a job so I just have only a little money). But I need something to accompanied me while I was waiting my lunch come. So I went to the bookstore that on the top floor of building.

I saw the comic carefully. There're a lot of comic on the bookcase. I read all of the mangaka and finaly after a few minutes I could find the comic that created by my favorite mangaka♥♥♥. So I immediately grabbed THREE COMICS and go to the cashier to paid those three comics (*´∀`*).

When I was on my way to go back home. I just realized that I bought three comics and I didn't need to think to much for decided to buy those three comics (゜.゜) whaaaat!!!!

It's in the begining of the month and I have already spent my money for........ for something that I really loooooveee~~~♥ ugh... It makes me happy but slumped at the same time...

It's really who I am. I really cannot control my self to not buy comics! I know that I really addicted with comic especially the comic that created by my favorite mangaka♥ It's like someone who really can step away from his/her cigarrets. collection has grown, I put thw new comics on the desk♥...Welcome home for you three♪

- Love in Cafe Cappuccino 5 (Cafe Minamiaoyama Curio) by Aya Kotokawa (Aya makes my heart's pounding faster by her creations)

- Becoming a Star! 3 (Kirara no Hoshi) by Ai Morinaga (I love the craziness of Ai Morinaga)

- My Loving Doctor ( Dr. No Koi Wa Yasashiku) by Kawamura Shin (I love the love story between an adult man and a young girl hahaha)

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