Thursday, 10 January 2013

Comic : May I Love You? (By Konno Risa)

For this time I will share about one of my favorite comic from one of my favorite mangaka. Yes, she's Konno Risa. The main title of this comic is "May I Love You?", tells about a love story between a 1st grade in high school cute girl (Kousaka Natsuki) and a handsome senpai (Sakuma Riichi). Natsuki is a new high school student. She came too late for her school ceremony. While she was confused how to come inside the school hall, a stranger jumped on top of her head. The stranger helped her to come inside the school hall and said that he wanted to play with Natsuki in the night. That stranger was really weird but Natsuki was grateful to him. Because of him, Natsuki could come inside the school hall. The kind girl gave a space for Natsuki to line up. The teacher invited the chief  of Student Organization of Intra-School to gave a speech for new students. Unexpectedly the chief is a guy who had jumped on top of Natsuki's head. And the first school in high school has begun...

I like this story because it tells about  a simple love story between a senpai to his junior in school. Their journey of love is full of something that makes my heart's pounding. I Like the part when Sakuma teased Natsuki. And Sakuma just chuckled when Natsuki become embarrassed because of Sakuma temptation. I also like the part when Sakuma helped Natsuki... 

I like this story because I like the story that tells about a love between senpai and junior hahaha....And I like the way Konno Risa draws the man figure (>w<). I suggest to you who like a simple love story to read this comic! 

Oh ya... this comic consist of three main stories: 

First,  "May I Love You?" which consists of tree chapters; 1st Episode, 2nd Episode and The Last Episode. Konno Risa gave us a special story, "May I Love You? After That...", for the concluding section. The story tells about Natsuki and Sakuma relationship after Sakuma graduated from high school. 

Second, "First Love & Blue Sky" tells about a girl who has already moved to a village. The girl got bored with the situation of the village and she wanted to back to town. But, she fallen in love with a guy who always sleep in the train.

The last story, "Be a Lover" tells about a love story of two friends who eventually become a lover.

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