Saturday, 11 May 2013

☆彡My First Origami Wreath☆ミ

Hey Guys!

I have already made an origami advent wreath: corona modular which was demonstrated by Leyla Tores. But this origami wreath form was created by Christiane Bettens. You can find this video on youtube or click this link --> Origami Advent Wreath: Corona Modular 

The video will not disappoint you. Leyla Torres showed every steps clearly ^^ 
So... I guess you won't get distress (laugh) and it's very easy and simple (>w<) and also very cute

I tried to use four different colors with two different pattern of papers. My wreath has green, dark blue, sky blue and red colors. There are some cute pictures on green and sky blue papers. It increased the cute value of my wreath (laugh). I used smaller paper size than Leyla Torres demonstrated in video. I planned to make my wreath as a necklace pendant, but the size're still big if I want to use it as pendant TT^TT. So, I changed my plan and made a hanging decoration from my wreath. Now my wreath successful enliven my room \(>w<)/  yeii~~~

This is my wreath 

It's cute, isn't it?

And... it's a picture of my origami wreath hanging decoration (^w^)

That's it!

Don't forget to prepare some paperclips! You will need it 

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

☆彡 Traditional Lotus Flower ☆ミ

I present to you this wonderful origami

It’s origami traditional lotus flower. The video’s created by Origami Maniacs. You can find this wonderful video on youtube or visit the Origami Maniacs blog...

It has been a long time since the last I folded the papers without being under pressure -____- I really enjoy this time. I found the traditional lotus flower video yesterday on youtube. I watched it first to decided that I need to download it or not. The music on the video really makes me relax, I ended up watching the video until the end. And I decided to download this video...

I have already tried to folding it and it’s really easy ^^. I suggest that you have to open all the papers slowly, because I ripped two parts of the flower (laugh). I am so excited to complete it quickly hahaha....

But, I really satisfied with my result and plan that I should make it again in the different color ^^


素敵な夢を見てね。。。 (>w<)

Friday, 3 May 2013

- Shooting Star by Alice Nine (Just my opinion...) -

I've already watched and enjoyed Alice Nine new song, Shooting Star. It wasn't like my imagination. I thought this MV would be full of happiness and excited things. But, I didn't find those things in this song. I don't know the meaning of this song yet... So, this post is just my opinion based on what I saw and felt about this song ^^

I didn't react like my friend when she watched it at the first time. She confessed that she cried. I didn't cry at the first time I watched Shooting Star mv and I didn't want to cry. What I felt just the void and loneliness. Like something or someone that very precious to me has taken away by destiny. I stared my laptop screen without saying anything. After the video was end, I just sighed and laid down my head to the desk. This song's really... I don't know, it's very different. It doesn't like Daybreak which can make me feel so enthusiastic and it doesn't like Shadowplay which can make feel pain in heart.  

This song is really good...

By the way, let's move to the mv (^v^)

I really love the Shooting Star mv. Because... it's really like the mv of Ruri no Ame \(>w<)/. It has been a long time after they released Ruri no Ame, and I really love Ruri no Ame video clip. I wished that they will make this type of video clip. And finally they released Shooting Star video clip which has type of video clip same as Ruri no Ame. I'm so happy \(>w<)/. Because I like see their face when express the song without playing their instrumental tools (laugh)

Sunday, 21 April 2013

My Origami Key Chain Product~

Next month, I am going to sell something for entrepreneurship day in my campus. My campus's going to make an exhibition on 6 May (if I'm not wrong) and everybody who enter the entrepreneurship class should make a business plan and sell our product on that day. It's really interesting and I like it. I planned to make a food which made of pasta. But decided to make something different and special after I rethinking about my business plan. I am going to sell key chains which made of origami paper (^w^)

My lecturer has ever said that we can sell a product which is inspired by our hobbies if we want to be an entrepreneur. So I decided to make cute origami key chains on the entrepreneurship day. The idea's based on simple flower origami kusudama form. One day, I asked my best friends about this idea and they gave me good responses about it (>w<). They said that it will be very unique if I can make it happen (^w^). I immediately discussed this idea with my partner and she agreed about it. So I started to make some samples to be presented in front of my class on the next week. 

These are two of my origami key chain photos (^w^). Please give your comment...~

I hope my origami key chain will be loved by many people \(>w<)/

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A Plan for My Future...

Last month, my older sister and my mother asserted that I must enter to higher education. Because (as has been said by my lecturers), it's not enough for us who take psychology field if we don't continue our study to graduate school. In my country, we can be a psychologist if we finish our graduate school and get the permission to be psychologist...

I have already known about it. And I have already planned to continue my study before my family asserted me to take graduate school. But... my older sister didn't discuss it in the right time. She tried to push me and encourage me to continue my study to graduate school when I wasn't in good feeling about my study. I was very bored and a little felt depressed about my study. So when she tried to encouraging me, I was just be quiet and listened to what she said to me. And my mother, ehm....maybe she knew about what I felt at the time, so my mother just said something slowly and didn't push me like my older sister did. 

I knew that I must continue my study. But I need a break time. So when my sister finished, I said that, "I know that I have to enter to graduate school. But I want to have a break time for a year... I have already planned that I want to take a Japanese course first for a year, then I will back to university to finish my graduate school...". 

I didn't ask about their permission. It's a statement... and I think that's a perfect time to tell to them about my plan...

After they heard about my statement, they appreciate it and  didn't reject it...

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Alice Nine: SHADOWPLAY (just my opinion~)


Alice Nine’s successfully kill my soul by their song, SHADOWPLAY! I've already realized that SHADOWPLAY’s really an awesome song. I didn't really like the video clip (but I immediately fall in love with the song) at the first time I watched it, but now I’m really crazy about it (>w<). The room of the video looks so wide but they don’t walk surround the room and they just stand together in the one spot throughout the video clip. Nao and his drum are positioned on the high place and the rest of the members are standing around Nao. I don't know why they decided to create a video like that... I feel empty and alone inside the dark box.

Their faces, they don’t show any happy faces. There’re full of sick, sad, miserable and helpless faces in this video. It’s just my opinion for this video, I don’t know the meaning of this song yet so if my opinion’s wrong... I’m sorry, it’s just what I feel and think (^w^).

I love the part while Tora and Hiroto’re doing a guitar duet. They are really perfect and awesome! When I close my eyes and hear the guitar sound, I can feel that it’s really tricky to play a series of tone like that. But when I open my eyes and watch that part, they (Tora & Hiroto) don’t look exhaustion. And.... I just can say, “GOD DAMN IT! YOU BOTH ARE A&@#^W&#@E)(&^S}{12*#*O^&%M!%#&E!!!”.

So... I think both of song and video are really perfect. I love this song so much \(>w<)/


Note: Tora’s hair looks really soft.... I lost -____-“

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Yesterday! Let's meet again girls!

Hola everybody~~

I have some of best friends in my life. We have become friend since we’re in junior high school. When we were still in the same school, we could easily to talk each other and have a gossip time after the school’s over. But when we entered to the university, we are separated by the different campuses and our campus tasks. So we didn't have a lot of time to gathered anymore. But we still have a chat in virtual world ^^

Finally we could have a gathered again after a long time. Although there’re not all of our members gang could join in the gathered, we still had a funny time together yesterday...

We started the day in Pizza Hut. We had a lunch together in there. It’s like usual, we started to talking with our old school. It’s like a habit when we gathered, we always talk about our life in junior and senior high school and wonder how our school now. My friends who still study in my senior high school told that the school is quite different now. It will be very happy if our school becomes better now, but it’s not. My friends told that the school decreased now. Something that previously may not be allowed becomes allowed now. Actually I was not really shocked about that. Because I've been expecting since my little brother out of the school (note: I have studied in the same school with my siblings).

Then we talked about something funny... then about our campuses and study...and how our life now. It’s really fun when I can talk about my life with my beloved best friends ^^

We didn't forget to take some photos of that day to help us remembering our time together. We took the photos on the book store (it’s really embarrassing when stranger looked to us... but, we still did it hahaha) and when we had a seats on the food corner. Then we took a photos in the new shop. The shop advertised its products by provide free photos.

So these are some of the photos hahaha...~

My friends in the book store... you're really crazy girls hahaha ^^

Sometimes I make a weird position...-____- 
I really want to go to Japan!!! 

With my friends~~ I will miss you, Nijio~~ TT^TT

Smile~~ friends ^^

So that's it... hahaha
Looks I put so many photos in this post hahaha. 
See you guys~